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Simply go to Buyer's Registration and apply for access. After applying we need to take you through our accreditation process to make sure we only give access to legitimate wholesale buyers. We try to do this as fast as possible and then we will give you access where you will be able to see wholesale prices for the brands we represent.

You can easily browse and select the products you are interested in through our online showroom.

When you have made a selection you can easily send us an Order/Enquiry through this website.

Alternatively you can request a look book or a line sheet and ask for more information or send us your Order/Enquiry by email or WhatsApp.

When we receive detail of what you are interested in we will confirm: the delivery time-scale, shipping method, costs and payment schedule. When you are happy with all of the details, we will ask you to issue a purchase order.

If you think about this question, the real answer is that the end customer always has to pay!

Our process is initially to quote all products ex-factory, and in the later stages of confirming the order we ask the buyer if they want to collect and clear the customs themselves, or if they prefer the brand to ship the brand gets a quote for shipping at that time and includes this as a separate line on the final quotation.

We have some brands that carry stock and in this case we can deliver almost immediately.

However, most brands make-to-order and in this case the delivery will be agreed, usually between 3 to 9 months in the future.

We have many enquiries from Brands, and the next step is a face-to-face meeting online, where we can learn more about each other and make sure that we are mutually a good fit.