Studio Heijne is founded as B2C concept by designer Wendy Heijne in 2016. Wendy saw the need of personal customisable garments. Studio Heijnes aim is to not only design beautiful, quality garments, but as well to offer personalisation and sustain a healthier approach towards sizing.

By producing custom-fit garments, they tackle the customers problem with sizing. At the same time, they produce garments on demand and therefore never over-produce.

The philosophy is sustainable slow fashion with garments design that should last for many years. Therefor we use mainly organic qualities such as silk and wool. Additionally we use dead-stock fabrics and vegan leather such as cactus and pineapple leather. The signature designs have a minimalistic shape, with subtle designed details and focus on material, colour & prints.


Our commitment to women of the world influences all we do.
A world in which femininity in all shapes and forms is celebrated and explored without limitations. A place with unquestionable equality, where confidence blooms without reservations.


Our flexible production on demand makes sure we can deliver single pieces or small batches fast, without overproducing. All fabrics are natural. Moreover some of the fabric used in this collection are left-over fabrics. These limited edition fabrics are a better choice for nature, because we don't use any new resources.


Garments can be personalised for a perfect match to body and soul. Most garments are designed with flexible fitting elements to make sure they are flattering for all women. 

Ready to wear collection


Resort collection