One Wolf was founded in Riga, Latvia as a small unisex denim wear workshop which has evolved into fashion design and clothing company releasing two collections per year.

The philosophy of the unisex brand is to inspire people to become more courageous, be free, and express their creativity. 

“Unisex is an opportunity for freedom of choice - to create a wardrobe that is appropriate for your lifestyle and taste. It does not dictate, but rather it provokes the wearer’s creativity and individuality while creating a wardrobe. Also, unisex expresses free thinking and spirituality, which the world is currently very thirsty for”, One Wolf team.

The One Wolf individual is independent in his conviction and choices, not following mass culture and stereotypes. In a sense, this is a sign of courage and individuality. And the wolf as a symbol expresses this conviction.The fabrics of the collections are particularly confined to each collection, always placing quality, innovation, and sustainability as an important criterion. Paramount importance is timelessness of design, being as spotlight over several seasons and long-lasting quality of garment.

One Wolf features brave lines, distinctive silhouettes, contemporary raw denim, classic black and white, and the ascetic tones of urban landscapes. Urban colours and a vast range of contemporary fabrics allow One Wolf garments to be easily combined into a multitude of outfits for every occasion, which live on through several fashion seasons.