Ingorokva is one of Georgia’s most talked-about women’s brands, designed by Tamuna Ingorokva. The brand is defined by its strong, modern silhouettes and perfectly-crafted vision of femininity – graceful, sophisticated and powerful.

Ingorokva’s creations are designed for strong, confident individuals – women who are striving for liberation in their everyday lives. This feminine power can be felt in every detail of the garment, in the design, the material and even the way the clothes are manufactured.

With two decades of design experience, Ingorokva takes pride in her unique approach to making clothes. Combining offbeat fabrics with classic tailoring and feminine designs, Ingorokva creates garments that adapt to the wearer’s individual personality, providing a boost on her ongoing journey of self-discovery.

Ingorokva’s creativity is inspired by contemporary culture and the hidden aesthetics of everyday life. Her collections reflect her permanent fascination with minimalism, playing with lines and geometry in an uncomplicated, monochrome palette.

Every part of Ingorokva’s garments is created by hand, with each detail thoroughly thought out and sewn through to perfection. Ingorokva believes that every garment has its own, unique story to tell, allowing it to be worn with confidence.

Sustainability is also of great value to Ingorokva, and in order to avoid overproduction and waste, each garment from the brand’s clothing lines is made in limited quantities.

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