Since it's founding in 1999, the Viennese label EVA BLUT has stood for innovative and conceptual fashion and accessory design. Over the past twenty years, founder and mastermind Eva Buchleitner has explored and optimised the exciting interplay of fashion and product design in numerous collections and collaborations. Her unique approach has won awards at international festivals, exhibitions and workshops in the fields of fashion, art, design and architecture.

EVA BLUT bags can be adapted to the ever-changing needs of their users and therefore do not need to be constantly replaced. They fit into different occasions from formal to casual, making them great to accompany. Elegant but relaxed.

These bags are very light and often changeable in the way they can be worn. The shape is found experimentally, which means that the design is always a new description of space and thus offers surprising functions.

Since the NO WASTE collection, offcuts from previous productions have been processed. In this way, resources are saved and yet new, beautiful and durable products are created. Sustainability is further defined with each collection.

EVA BLUT bags are produced in small series in close cooperation with traditional leather manufactories in the Czech Republic and Hungary. EVA BLUT is proud to make a small contribution to maintaining the long tradition of European craftsmanship.


Eva Buchleitner has been designing fashion and accessories under the label EVA BLUT since 1999. She started her career at Vivienne Westwood and taught accessory and product design at the Fashion Institute Vienna, Schloss Hetzendorf.

Since 2010, her focus has been on designing innovative, versatile and adaptable bags that should also feel good. "What interests me about bags is that they mark exactly the boundary between appearance and function, between fashion and product design. And in this way - like a code - clearly transmit the image you want to convey."