EIJK is a high-end shoe brand originated in Amsterdam. The brand was founded in 2013 by designer Jolanda van Eijk.

EIJK is bringing unique design shoes with a powerful, contemporary yet timeless style. The shoes are made from high-quality leather, with comfort and perfection for your feet, to carry you all day long.

Jolanda van Eijk created the unique EIJK heel with an optical high stiletto look straight from the backside, and a distinctive EIJK twist from the side view. The optical 6 cm high heel creates a truly seductive shoe for women with a strong sense of style and identity. 

EIJK shoes are produced in Italy by small- scale artisan shoemakers from the Marche region. Together they carefully manufacture the ideal shoes, resulting in a collection made with passion, from the first sketch to the final model, with high-quality leathers. 

EIJK uses leather that has a soft feeling. For the outside of the shoes, this can be goat or cow leather. The lining is always made of calf leather, as this is the softest for your feet. The leather is sourced in Italy, close to the production company, so that as little transport as possible is needed. The leathers are tanned using a traditional tanning technique. The leather is smoothly coloured and not coated with layers of paint, so you will see and feel the grain of the leather. This gives you the real benefits of leather: breathability and comfort.

The shoes with an exotic look, like the croco or the python, are prints on cow leather and are not made form actual exotic leathers. The black python print is used in different ways. Some shoes are not brushed after they are finished, to give them a cool non-shiny look. Others we do brush after they are finished to create a shiny look.