About SSAW Showroom

SSAW Showroom is the product of many years of experience in building and operating wholesale businesses.

Many of the traditional processes for selling fashion wholesale have not worked effectively for some time. In particular, attending trade shows is very expensive and buyers attendance has been falling over many years: post Covid-19 many trade shows are cancelled, and for those that do happen it is virtually impossible for buyers to travel there. Very often the online marketplaces that have sprung up to replace physical trade shows rarely attract the right sort of buyers.

SSAW Showroom is extremely pro-active in how we target individual buyers with a selection of products that are right for their customers. We do everything we can to ensure we provide accurate and timely information to buyers. Ordering is made as simple and fast as possible, with our easy online order form, and before we send an invoice we confirm all of the details with you by email, including shipping options and payment terms.

We operate a global network of specialists and partners covering many of the major markets in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Our expertise originates from the Scandinavian market covering Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Being internet based, we rapidly gained clients all across Europe and developed regional expertise in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. Next followed international expansion and we now have clients in Australia, Asia and Americas.

We invite you to register and join us in a journey of digital transformation.