In the spirit of collaboration, Ngali brings together a talented group of emerging, inspiring and gifted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists who showcase their talents through the mediums of painting, photography and artistic creation. We translate that art into easy wear clothing and collectibles. By doing so we work together to tell our stories and move towards a common outcome - success for all. Our vision is seeded in our name “Ngali” which in a number of Aboriginal languages translates to ‘we’ or ‘us’.

We are part of the oldest continuous culture on Earth. Together we are strength, growth and unity. Together we create.

Ngali silk scarves are embraced for their super soft luxurious feel. So versatile in how you wear them - as a shrug, a scarf, tied in a multitude of ways, a headscarf or a luxurious sarong. AND all are completely reversible giving you two scarves in one.