Kmana is a creative studio based in Indonesia and Singapore deeply committed to sustainability and the principles of slow fashion. Kmana was born as a bridge to connect heritage indigenous craftsmanship, infused with contemporary design, with an audience that values unique, timeless, quality pieces, made in small batches and produced ethically and responsibly.

Kmana is a purpose driven company with strong social responsibility. We promote local economic, social and cultural development and to do so, we work in partnership with a network of women weaver cooperatives, small artisan workshops and local foundations . We use vegetable-sourced pigments and ancestral techniques to tan the leather and dye the fabrics that we use in our bags and accessories. We are also committed to a zero-waste approach and strive to keep our environmental impact to a minimum


Kmana was created as a bridge between Southeast Asian heritage craftsmanship traditions and the contemporary scene of design and fashion. Kmana designs aim to elevate the artisanal artistry of handmade accessories to new summits, gaining worldwide recognition.

From cutting to sewing and hammering rivets, Kmana bags and accessories are entirely hand-made and all the materials are locally and responsibly sourced. Kmana works with a growing network of small workshops and cooperatives of Indonesian artisans, weavers and creatives.

All the leather Kmana uses is a by-product of the food industry in East Java. Premium calf leather is 100% vegetable tanned and sourced from verified family-run tanneries in Java. Sheep leather is sourced from one of the oldest tanneries in Java, worldwide known for the quality of its leather and for the water and waste management technology in place.

Strongly committed to the preservation of traditional culture and identity, Kmana incorporates ancestral fabrics (e.g. hand woven Rang Rang) into every design in an effort to help its partner women cooperatives from Nusa Penida and Singaraja preserve ancient weaving and natural dying techniques and skills passed down from generation to generation.