‘Symmetry of Nature’ a collaboration between Sarah Pasricha and Sarah Hammond.

‘Symmetry of Nature’ is based on enlarged illustrations of small creatures combined with colourful and unique graphics. These beautiful scarves amplify the intricate details of small creatures in larger iterations, drawing attention to the their contributions to the eco-system, as well as their complex integral beauty.

Symmetry of Sarahs

The design is a collaboration between Sarah Pasricha from Sarah and Sorrentino & Sarah Hammond from Sarah Hammond Studio. The two Sarah’s first became friends at university, both studying Fashion Design at Nottngham Trent. Sarah Pasricha went on to work at Ralph Lauren in NYC, in costume design for feature films and set up ‘Sarah and Sorrentino’, which has been featured in British Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Sarah Hammond has worked as a sportswear designer for companies such as Nike and Lululemon and focussed on her work as an illustrator for Sarah Hammond Studio.

Beautiful to own and wear

The scarves are printed and sewn in London, all sewn by Sarah Pasricha herself and are sustainably made in the UK. 5% of all sales in the UK will go to The Wildlife Trust ‘Save bees and pollinators’ and 5% of all sales in Canada will go to David Suzuki’s Pollinators project.

Available for wholesale in small runs

All Sarah and Sorrentino products are available for wholesale in small runs.