Co-branding with Collectif d'Anvers

Collectif d 'Anvers, the luxury Belgium shoe designer an atelier, is looking for luxury stores to partner with. Limited collections can be co-branded so your customer will never find this collection anywhere else...

Collectif d 'Anvers offers wholesale buyers a number of exclusive benefits:

Like a multiple work of art, each pair of shoes or boots is individually labeled showing a handwritten number of the series, the artist's signature and the store for which this release has been realised.

As a wholesale buyer you will receive a unique limited edition run especially designed and realised for your store.

We guarantee, no other store will have a similar model of the edition you ordered in stock.

This special limited edition run is available for both the men's and women's collection of 'La Forêt'.

For all limited editions, the construction and design of footwear remains of the high quality Collectif d' Anvers is renowned for.

To further enhance the Collectif d 'Anvers in store brand experience, you have the opportunity to purchase a painting similar to the one utilised for the footwear you ordered from the 'La Forêt' collection.

In the next six months, Collectif d 'Anvers will present their art installation in a number of selected fashion stores and galleries throughout Europe. If you are interested in placing the Collectif d 'Anvers installation in your store, please contact us.