Individual, feminine, playful and rebellious are different aspects of byVarga's muse. Powerful and contemporary with an edgy touch inspired by the modern day women. Creativity and uniqueness are expressed as a perfect imperfection.

byVarga is based in London and produces its items in Hungary. The brand differentiates itself through its sustainable approach as well as its individually crafted products with intriguing and unexpected cut outs, combined with delicate lace and crystal trimmings, offering the opportunity of creative layering. The designs are developed for women who want to dress uniquely, retaining their own personal taste.

Affordable luxury as a treat for yourself or those who will be relaxing with you.

The designer, Fanni Varga, works exclusively with natural or recycled materials such as silk, wool and leather. byVarga’s mission is to produce ethically sourced, high-end, ready-to-wear garments and aid people in adopting a more conscious approach when purchasing.

The brand’s main concept is a mix and match trend that enables customers to wear pieces in several different ways and to layer them with each other, not just within but across seasons. Pieces are created to complement each other and to create a versatile wardrobe.